Marriage Ceremony and Related Fees
Solemnize Marriage (Perform Ceremony)
Travel from the intersection of
Celebration Ave & Celebration Blvd
Celebration, Florida
56 cents per mile
Vows & Ceremony Consultation / Wedding Rehearsal /
Ceremony Customization
$20 per hour or portion thereof
Time over one hour or portion thereof on the day of Ceremony
Keepsake Certificate of Marriage
Bride and groom are responsible for obtaining a marriage license pursuant to Florida State law.  The license must be given to the notary prior to the ceremony. 
The bride and groom may personalize the ceremony with their own vows. 
Florida State law requires that the vows exchanged reflect their intentions to make a legally binding commitment to each other. 
Celebration / Winderemere Mobile Notary has one standard and several customizable ceremony options available.  If a customized ceremony is desired, the couple must have a consultation with the notary prior to the day of the ceremony
(please see above fees).

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